Tuesday, September 1, 2015

.odd.polly.more stuff out now!

I knew there was something i had forgotten when i turned off my computer and went to bed. Yeah i forgot to post this!
Silly woman!
Anyways here are 3 new updates.

Monday, August 31, 2015

.odd.polly. Frida Eyeshadow

Huston, we have an upload!!!
All of the other products are uploaded as well, all i need now is to fix the pictures!
But that my friends will have to wait until tomorrow, cause its 2 in the morning here and i'm working tomorrow.
So calm yo tits sugarkittens, there will be more tomorrow!!

These sets are both 59$L so nothing that will eat a hole in your wallet (can i get a hallelujah).
So yeah enjoy little sweetheart !!


Saturday, August 29, 2015

.odd.polly. update

So the releases this week (that will be tomorrow, lol) will be an inner eye eyeshadow (Frida) and freckles (2 options), and a TMNTurtles inspired eyeliner (i love my comics), and a set of crazy colored smudge eyebrows (which i have forgotten what i named).

So i'm wearing one of the freckles layers, the inner eye eyeshadow, and a dotted eyeliner (that will probably be a freebie at the im-world store opening).
They eyelashes are mine as well, i'm gonna release them as soon as i'm done messing with the owner rights (cause atm they don't belong to Xela but to Wilder my other alt, so its messy, just saying)

The tattoo you see is yet another new tattoo from Isuka and can be found [HERE] (still silly low promo prices).



Cheap tattoos and god damn naked breasts!!

Everyone loves tatts right?!
So my business partner just started a tattoo store and is selling a few promo tatts for just 59L$ (bargaiiiin bitches).

No real tittehs for you, jesus says no!
just naked pixel boobs, yw!!

So here are the 3 that are up in the store now (there will be more coming every day, i think):

Shiny Shabby

Tp to [Shiny Shabby]

I found so much furniture's that i want and need for my new house _, gaaah!!

N 21

Tp to [N 21]

Vintage & Cool

The Fantasy Collective


Tp to [Uber]

Soon time for The Arcade

So boys n girl have you saved up for the best September event there is??
 Cause in just a few days time the arcade will open its magical doors once again.

If you wanna find out what to spend all your money on here's a [link].
Gawd i cant even watch it, i see my money crawling away lol.

I will give you the landmark as soon as its open.