Monday, December 5, 2016

New Release!

So i finally got some more new releases!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nail Release

2 new releases.
45L$ each!!

Im uploading 2 more sets as im writing this!
Will take untill tomorrow before im done with ads and all, cause this ptato is going to the gym.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stupid internet!

Hey boys n gals!

Sit down for this one peeps!!!
I had to start up internet explorer to even be able to log in to blogger cause is fucked up on chrome, it keeps on logging on to my private user account and i keep on logging out and when i go to blogger again im logged in again (with the damn wrong account).
And not only that, the last week been a fuck up week!

Oilpan dead for over 24h (this is Finland, dont think its all summery and warm this time a year).

 I get lovely Torticollis (can't move my neck at all, can't sit, can't walk can't lay down)
Oil pan fixed, get a leak in one of the water pipes (yeey geyer inside) got to empty the buckets every 10 minutes (we had to wait for the repairman for over 20 hours).

Repariman fixes leak by turning of the warmwater (great cant shower)

Gets migraine (a good one, looses eyesight and bort my hands go numb, excellent)

The basement is flooded
Its sunday and i hope monday will be the start of a magical new week with christmas feeling and joy.
Atleast thats what im aiming at, cause if i go bitter over this it will just get worse!

Keep a positive mind people


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Releases: 2 more lashes

So a small delay in the relsease (but how was i suppose to know there was a new expansion pack in sims 4 that i just had to get and then stay up til 3.30 this morning to play).

Personal fav, those nr 6.
I'll get back to Sims now but i'll be back to mess with those nails i later today!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bento ♥!

Watch Straberry Singh Video about the new bento bones and Vista Animation hands

Like thoose finger movements are siiick!!
I got the beta viewer but i cant wait to get the "full viewer", and i cant wait untill all the good creatiors out there gets creative.

Just imagine all the poses that will be so much better  with the perfect hand movement.
And Animations *mind blown*

Our beautiful second life will be so much better, and its about time we got an update like this!!


Nails: Coming soon!

Its one color from each set!
I will make these with Omega appliers so the will work on most of the mesh out there.
Im guessing it wont take to long before i got them up on marketplace :D



So Hello♥!

This is the snowy landscape im in atm.
This snowfall made a mess here in Stockholm. 
Like traffic stod still for ages....its up and running again, but like always, its "meh".

Anyways im not here to talk about this.

I wanna talk about this:

New lashes
will be released today!

(the eyes are my mystics eyes in green, released this tuesday)

Ooh and i made a promise to myself that once i got 5 of each things released, im opening the mainstore again.
Great huh :D


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eye releases!!

So my first ever released eyes and i go all in wierd, well never expect me to do normal things :P
Hope you enjoy them im working on some other ones.
And of course new lashes!!!


Sunday, November 6, 2016

More releases!!

Next set of CATWA eyes are Mystic, not sure how many colors i'll make them in.
As many as i can i guess!!

And the cross lashes are up on MP. 
The cross is color change so you can add any color you want using the Catwa hud :)
Enjor my little color kittens ;)


Preview: Kawaii Reptile Eyes

These will be reselased on Tuesday "Newsday-Tuesday".
6 colors included:
Blue, teal, green, purple, red & pink.

!!!CATWA eyes only!!!The catwa eyes is suppose to work with most meshheads out there!